Archaeological Exhibition

Archaeological Exhibition

The archaeological findings were first collected by the Tiszafüred County Archaeological Society, led by Endre Tariczky.

The wealthy prehistoric, bronze and migrational area artefacts from “Pénzásó Pisto” in the background.

“The 7000-year-old hidden Treasures of our City for ” – a permanent archaeological exhibition


The archaeological finds that have been continuously discovered in Tiszafüred since the 19th century were first gathered by the Tiszafüred Archeological Society, led by Endre Tariczky. Seen the important artefacts, the National Museum and the János Damjanich Museum started scientific research and excavations in the region.

The construction and development of Lake Tisza was the greatest opportunity for research, as huge areas sink under water and the excavations had to be made quickly.  The preliminary exploration was carried out very quickly and professionally. years.

One of these great excavations was between 1965-69 at Tiszaörvény (called the Temple Hill) belonging to the outskirt of Tiszafüred. During the exploration of the nearly 25,000 m2 large medieval settlement, village houses, a stone-built church and a cemetery with 594 tombs were found, even the road leading to the medieval ferry is survived.

In the early 1980s, as a continuation of this excavation (Tiszafüred-Morotvapart), the remnants of the Neolithic, then Celtic, Sarmatian, Gepida, Avar and Árpád-settlements were found near the Tisza river, along with many valuable finds.

There were significant excavations in other external agricultural areas of Tiszafüred from 1964 to 1972, such as the Kenderföldek, the Fertő-heap, the Majoros-heap (with 1047 Bronze Age tombs), Ásotthalom, on which rich prehistoric, bronze and migrational artefacts were found. The legendary “Pénzásó Pista” is also known for its treasure hunt and amateur research.

Interactive exhibition


From the vast amount of finds, we tried to select the most important and unique objects that help the visitor to explore the 7000 years old history of Tiszafüred. The continuous development of objects, tools, clothes, and weapons during the centuries can be traced well in the showcases displaying different historical periods.

From the remains of Ice Age animals and the Neolithic tomb reconstruction to copper age, bronze age, iron age, and Roman age artifacts, are displayed at the beginning of the exhibition. Replicas of the most important Bronze Age artifacts from Ásotthalom and Majoros-pile are displayed in the tactile exhibition, where visitors along with dressing up in traditional clothes, can revive the everyday life of their ancestors.

The second room displays the reconstruction of one of the 1281 tombs of the Avar burial site, which was discovered in the Majoros-pile. In the tomb very precious ornamented bronze decorations, belt ends, horse tools, saddle stitches, and weapons are displayed.

The daily life of a medieval family comes alive in the other corner of the room, where the fishing and agricultural activities are presented. On the large-scale painting in the background, the small chapel on the top of the Temple Hill can be seen along with the River Tisza.

The third room serves as a tactile exhibition and a museum pedagogical classroom, where the drama plays in costumes and crafts activities take place. Besides, a playful workbook also supplements the rich educational experience of visitors.

Bone remnants of ice age animals and copper age, bronze age, iron age finds.

Tactile Exhibition and museumpedagogy room.

Museum Educational Program

Let´s become an archaeologist!

Become an archaeologist! - An adventurous day in Tiszafüred's 7000-year history

Optional educational programs:

  • Living History and Guided Tour in the Archaeological Exhibition
  • Craft activities
  • Archaeological excavation in the museum garden

Optional craft activities<:b>

  • Painting plaster art copies
  • Clay, potter's wheel
  • Making ``tarsoly``
  • Felting

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